Benefits of MashSSL

Let us consider how MashSSL stacks up against the requirements we outlined earlier:

  1. A single solution for situations where this problem manifests.
    • MashSSL is a fundamental Internet building block that has countless uses.
  2. A lightweight RESTful application level protocol (run on top of HTTP).
    • Standard defined in simple RESTful fashion.
  3. Should not require a new cryptographic protocol; it takes forever to build trust.
    • Reuses SSL. Reuses whatever authentication is in place for scrambling.
  4. No new types of credentials to get and manage.
    • Standard SSL certificates can be used.
  5. Place as little trust in the user/browser as possible, and ensure there are no changes required to the browser.
    • Malicious user cannot spoof either web application! No changes required to browser.
  6. Do not use user authentication as a proxy for B2B authentication.
    • Web applications authenticate each other (through browser)
  7. Plan for scale, the web apps in mashups might be serving millions of users. Cannot repeat expensive PKI operations each time.
    • Reuses SSL abbreviated handshake to avoid repeating PKI operations.

So MashSSL provides a comprehensive solution with multiple uses.